How to be more accessible to patients in need during a pandemic – An interview with Dr. Vic Wood

While I desire to improve America’s overall health, I realize that it is a lofty goal to accomplish alone. My current focus is on how I can support doctors that have historically been the individuals to keep us healthy. However, over time doctors have become less and less accessible, except for the few that go the extra mile to ensure that their patients have better access to care.  

The obstacles to reliable and affordable health care are many, especially in the midst of COVID-19. Even prior to this pandemic, insurance limitations, appointment accessibility, and cost are barriers that many patients faced. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Vic Wood has found innovative solutions to many of these issues allowing better access to quality care.

Dr. Wood impressed me initially with his ability to provide affordable care. He owns and operates two clinics in West Virginia and Ohio, offering routine appointments, urgent care, and ancillary services including x-ray and lab work. With an affordable pay per visit model, he has removed the insurance barrier for those who are uninsured, under-insured, or have high deductibles that might discourage them from using their insurance.

With COVID-19, Dr. Wood offers telemedicine appointments for non-urgent needs. For those patients who are at high risk during this time or those with mobility issues, he took patient care to the next level. Seeing an urgent need, Dr. Wood purchased several vans and equipped them with the required supplies. He then took his medical care to the patient offering home visits – something that has caught the media’s and patient’s attention alike. Taking every precaution possible to keep both himself and his patients safe from the transfer of COVID, Dr. Wood is delivering an elevated level of care reminiscent of house calls from days of old, providing comfort during a time when it is so desperately needed.

Dr. Wood, I applaud you! Not only is this man providing quality and affordable health care to those in need, his business acumen is impressive. Dr. Wood has found a way to expand and help more patients in a time when many are struggling to keep their medical practice alive.

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