Physical Element: Transforming Your Life Through Fitness with Tobias Young

Join us on February 17th to discuss the Physical Element. Tobias young will be joining us to discuss how a restructured approach to goal-setting, focus, and routine leads to brilliant personal transformation.

What we talked about

– Tobias’s number one tip: take things one step at a time. Gradually increasing the commitment and intensity towards your physical wellness routine helps curb the intimidation factor that so commonly looms over those trying to make a positive impact on their habits. Adding one or two small changes to your plate and implementing them over a 2 week period allows you to familiarize with how it makes you feel and gauge your comfort level. Through the principle of progression, you will experience gradual but guaranteed results.

– Exercise may be the closest possible thing we have to the fountain of youth. Even a solid routine of 30 minutes per day can add years to your life. The act holds an extraordinary amount of benefits – it controls blood sugar, protects against cancer, releases endorphins to help fight the dark symptoms of mental illness, and countless more. With regular exercise you will feel, look, and age better while boosting your energy levels and protecting your body.

– For countless busy professionals across the globe, it is difficult to imagine squeezing in time for exercise within a packed schedule. However, Tobias is adamant in the fact that once you decide exercise is a non-negotiable priority – you will most certainly find the time for it. The key is to establish a routine of set times and fitness techniques that synchronize with your lifestyle and personality. “Daily decisions over time make us who we want to become.”

About Tobias Young

With over 22 years in the fitness industry, Tobias Young has been a world renowned personal trainer, online fitness coach, fitness model, sponsored athlete and fitness business coach.Featured in many of the top fitness magazines (including 6 covers), Tobias loves to motivate and inspire other trainers, coaches and high level entrepreneurs to be the very best version of themselves.

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