Physical Element: Transforming Your Life Through Fitness with Tobias Young

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Join us on February 17th to discuss the Physical Element. Tobias young will be joining us to discuss how a restructured approach to goal-setting, focus, and routine leads to brilliant personal transformation. What we talked about – Tobias’s number one tip: take things one step at a time. Gradually increasing the commitment and intensity towards your physical wellness routine helps curb the intimidation factor that so commonly looms over those trying to make a positive impact on their habits. Adding … Read More

Nourish to Flourish with The Plant Chics

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The Plant Chics, Marzia Prince and Jacque Tarlton, join us to discuss the Physical Element and share with us some GREAT information about a plant-based diet! We touched on many topics, including #dairyisscary, how easy it is to get enough protein, calcium, and iron via plants, and why fiber is so important. However, the big take away was to start with something, whether that’s actively cutting something from your diet, just getting more fresh fruits and veggies, or something else. … Read More