Emotional Element: Empathetic Leadership Transcending Complexity with Peter Laughter

Peter Laughter will be joining us to discuss the Emotional Element. He will share with us some expert advice on seeking out your true purpose within the professional world, the importance of looking towards the future, as well as the power of human connection and its crucial role within a thriving business.

About Peter Laughter

Peter Laughter recognizes that we are all profoundly connected to one another. When those connections are recognized and raised up, humanity is capable of wonderful things. His life’s purpose is to make those connections apparent in our day-to-day interactions.
We live in a world where two-thirds of people are disengaged with their work. Peter thinks it is a crime that the majority of us spend a third of our waking lives doing something that is draining and unfulfilling – that our organizations are only tapping into a third of their human potential. The crucial problems and insurmountable complexity of the current age require creativity that transcends hierarchy.
In his 25 years as an entrepreneur, he has seen firsthand the power of a committed group working together. That coupled with a high degree of empathy has given him great insight into how organizations can harness the untapped creativity all around us. More than anything, he loves riding the Cyclone with his daughter Eddy, and laughing with his wife Stacey.


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