Financial Element – Are You in Position to Score? with Ian King

Join us on February 24th to discuss the Financial Element with Ian King. Get advice from a professional on how to effectively set a course for your financial life that supports your values & vision for the future.

About Ian King

In business and in life, Ian King always strives to carry out his mission with a deep sense of compassion and service. Ian’s career objective is to help his clients align their experiences with their values to help attain their goals. He creates quality strategies through collaboration by facilitating the decisions and connections needed to protect his client’s lifestyle and secure their legacy.

As a 3rd generation financial professional, he helps his clients find creative and effective solutions to fit their needs and lifestyle. His generational insight and experiences allow him to guide his clients with strategies that are designed to help stand the test of time.


Have your team strategize and brainstorm your next moves to scale the operation, management or competitive strategy.