Social Element: Leading With Your Authentic Self with Cathy Reinking

Cathy Reinking will be joining us to discuss the Social Element, and share with us some expert advice on building your charisma and emphasizing your own personal strengths. From hands-on experience in her developed and successful career, her guidance on nurturing what makes you unique will soar you to success in both your personal life and the professional world.

About Cathy Reinking

  Cathy has been a Hollywood casting director since 1994. She sports an impressive portfolio of work experience, including a hand in 3 Emmy-Award Winning Network TV shows. Now she is a multi hyphenate in Atlanta, Georgia, helping both professional actors and non-actors improve their “it” factor. Every one has “it!” Most folks just need help in revealing their authentic charisma. What makes you special and uniquely you. It’s your “it factor” after all – not someone else’s. With her expertise, you can learn to be the you that’s often hidden behind the “roles” you play at work and in life. Playing a role that isn’t you doesn’t fit you very well, and it shows.
  Over the many years of her long and varied career, she has become an expert at charisma. She has worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars – including Jason Bateman, Steve Carell, Tessa Thompson, Tony Hale, Jon Hamm, Kelsey Grammer, Will Ferrell, and many more. Not only that, she has worked with corporate clients – business professionals who want to connect better with their team and clients. She has witnessed an endless array of people transform positively and it’s a beautiful sight to behold.
  Getting out from under all your guards, preconceived notions, and fear is miraculous. Cathy says, “Good acting is not putting on an act. It’s stripping away all the artifice to reveal the real person underneath.”

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