Social Element – Decoding Social Cues & Quality > Quantity with Nick Guenther

Join us on March 3rd to discuss the Social Element with Nick Guenther! Dive into the discussion on how essential the power of social connection really is & find a resolution between the eternal question of quantity vs quality.

About Nick Guenther

In 2011, Nick launched a digital marketing company, only to feel isolated – grabbed by the ankles and dragged through the ups and downs of life that entrepreneurship demands, working more to earn less than his peers. By reaching out to mentors and participating in mastermind groups he was able to overcome fears and spend way more time traveling the world (3+ months each year!)

In 2018 Nick launched a digital community from a place of pure passion around exploration, connecting others, and finding members with the freedom to dream. Our groups are just like this one… we focus on feedback and teamwork + enjoy the process of healthy (mostly digital) dialogue.

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