Spiritual Element: Modern Meaning of Self Awareness with Joshua Betancourt

Joshua Betancourt will be joining us on 2/3 to discuss the Spiritual Element. Get advice from a professional on how to turn a new leaf, welcome the new with open arms & soar your goals to new heights.

About Joshua Betancourt

Joshua Betancourt is a High-level Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, certified through the NLP Center of Atlanta. He carries 4th generation lineage to Richard Bandler “Co-Creator of NLP.”

As a Light Body Graduate through Luminessence and a Modern Mystery School Initiate / Adept under Megan Davenport, he is equipped with deep strategies to serve his clients from the heart – with knowledge, intuition, and expertise.

Joshua’s life’s work is centered around teaching people how to heal themselves through multiple modalities; including aspects of physiology, energetics, internal processes, and self-realization. This unique approach to personal development and expansion is unlike anything that is currently offered in the world today.

Joshua has 23 years of experience supporting hundreds of Fortune 500/100 Enterprise organizations with complex technology platforms, services and solutions, such as:

  • Disney                                          Atlanticus
  • Bank of America                           Gas South
  • Secure Works                              Insight Global
  • Brookdale Sr. Living                     Children’s Health Care of Atlanta.
  • Racetrack                                     Car Financial


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