The Creative Process with Kory Cassell

Kory Cassell joins us for a discussion on the Artistic Element, with a splash of spiritual element too! There were so many good nuggets from Kory starting with using creative thinking to solve a problem. Kory showed us different problems he has had in his life and how he goes about solving them while being creative. He said, “If you haven’t solved your problem, you haven’t been creative enough!”

About Kory Cassell

Kory Cassell is a Jesus follower, husband, pastor, speaker and author with a ZEAL for life. Kory holds a Masters of Theological Studies from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary & a Bachelors in Telecommunications Management from the University of Florida. He has the privilege to serve as the leader for an incredible ministry in the Caribbean, ZEAL which focuses on bringing the message of Jesus to uncommon places & is the cofounder of the 501(c)3 international missions organization GoTWO International. Along with this, he is honored to be a part of the team at Water’s Edge Network as the Global Teaching Pastor.

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