Nourish to Flourish with The Plant Chics

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The Plant Chics, Marzia Prince and Jacque Tarlton, join us to discuss the Physical Element and share with us some GREAT information about a plant-based diet! We touched on many topics, including #dairyisscary, how easy it is to get enough protein, calcium, and iron via plants, and why fiber is so important. However, the big take away was to start with something, whether that’s actively cutting something from your diet, just getting more fresh fruits and veggies, or something else. … Read More

The Creative Process with Kory Cassell

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Kory Cassell joins us for a discussion on the Artistic Element, with a splash of spiritual element too! There were so many good nuggets from Kory starting with using creative thinking to solve a problem. Kory showed us different problems he has had in his life and how he goes about solving them while being creative. He said, “If you haven’t solved your problem, you haven’t been creative enough!” About Kory Cassell Kory Cassell is a Jesus follower, husband, pastor, … Read More

How to be more accessible to patients in need during a pandemic – An interview with Dr. Vic Wood

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While I desire to improve America’s overall health, I realize that it is a lofty goal to accomplish alone. My current focus is on how I can support doctors that have historically been the individuals to keep us healthy. However, over time doctors have become less and less accessible, except for the few that go the extra mile to ensure that their patients have better access to care.   The obstacles to reliable and affordable health care are many, especially in … Read More